Laura and Ella

Laura (left), Ella (right)

This is about identical twins Laura and Ella.

I don’t very often show portrait photography but I want to share a story and maybe something to think about. This project has started about 10 years ago, when I have decided we need photos together just doing ordinary things.

In Njálla, in all honesty, I am the maker on the background, while Laura is a huge contributor – especially with ideas. And…she is mostly the Njálla’s face. You may ask why. Well, there is a lot of reasons. So I will dive deeper.


Ella’s story

Now I will write something about myself. I am often deeply into something, love details and have engineering mind. I crave for knowledge and spend a lot of time in books.

I can visualise nearly anything you can think about. I am garden and landscape architect and all the technical things are super easy, as I normally make a model in my head and rotate it, move it as necessary. I am the person responsible for technical thinking and how to make something possible.

I love activities, which are dull for other people and they loose their patience very quickly. You may say I am very patient. I am into weaving, spinning yarn, viking knits making, technical drawings, encyclopaedia making and botanical drawings.

My way of seeing the world is a bit different from other people. I see only details. When I look at person, I see one gray hair here and different shades of brown hair. I see you have one different earring and that fastening of your necklace have moved to front. I see, that tiny piece of your lipstick stuck on your skin. Only details and from those details, I make whole picture. In our world is too many details so it can happen, that I actually miss some detail.

I love system. Everything needs to be on their places and I enjoy improving any system around me. I do like optimisation a lot – and graphs and tables and data.


Laura’s story

My story would be a bit different. I love ideas. I have tons of them. Every moment of my life some idea, thought can pop up in my mind. Most of them are creative ideas. Designs, colours, illustrations.

No wonder I am a designer. I like webdesign, product design, photography, sport, drawing and people. Books are also great, but I prefer fantasy books, where I can be in a different world.

People can always spark some amazing idea in my mind as just talking about different topics can be very intriguing. People have always interesting stories to share.

What I like most, is maybe the product design and allows me to think about our world in unusual way. I like to imagine how billboards and products would look better with a proper graphic, or just wondering how it would look if I would change it in a certain way.

Most of my drawings are about fantasy world and dreaming. I like mountains and trees so those are most of the time in my drawings too. Adding a fictional characters there is optional. I don’t usually draw people, but I like to draw portraits and I am fascinated by the people’s eyes.

In the Njálla I am unending fountain of ideas for jewellery and some improvements. Usually, I communicate with everyone and I am doing the marketing.


On the contrary… there is always a negative side and we are not going to hide it.


Ella’s part

It is hard to write about it. I am heavily introverted and my social skills are not very best. Normally I avoid going where there is too many people, because it is just uncomfortable and there is too much noise and social pressure. I don’t like empty chitchat. Also, I have big issues with people’s faces and their recognition.

I think a lot, sometimes too much. Just thinking about the same topic over and over again with different perspectives. Sometimes this is exhausting, but I can’t stop thinking.

I like system so much, that in ideal world I would have planned every single minute of my life. Every piece of logic in chaotic world is so much satisfying.

I can focus heavily, but I forget to sleep, eat. I don’t hear when I am heavily focused. When someone doesn’t stop me at a right time, I will end exhausted and then I am unable to do something for few days, because I can have my hyperfocus for 16 hours without a single issue.

Because when I focus on something, the different thing mostly disappears, I am super bad at multitasking. And just talking with one unknown person is very heavy multitasking. I need to juggle everything, including leaves moving in wind outside, as they are so loud.


Laura’s part

If it would not be my sister, my life would be total unorganized chaos. Now it is organized chaos. I am usually lost in time and space, not knowing what time it is and forgetting what I am supposed to do.

Well, I am a lot absentminded. I forget things a lot. I have issues with finishing tasks and focusing for a long time. At the other hand, when there is something great I focus so hard, I forget the time. That is very similar as Ella’s ability.

I have started more projects than I have ever finished and I don’t like to go back to the old finished projects to make them again and better. I like when it is new and fresh and exciting. I envy Ella her ability to finish anything she wants.

I mentioned I like people. With the right people I can spend hours of having fun and then just end nicely tired and next day wanting to go with them again. Sometimes it just can drop to meaningless talks with alcohol.

I am not sure, If I can multitask, but my brain is definitely able to deal with different things so fast, it looks like multitasking. It is just dealing with different things in matter of seconds or milliseconds, when I am agitated.



After this you might think that this is just totally normal, right? Well, things will get a bit more complicated at the moment, when most of above mentioned is simply a bit stronger than in usual population.

The thing is, that I, Ella, am autistic with mild social phobia and heavily introverted I am also having milder prosopagnosia. And my sister Laura has attention deficit disorder, dyscalculia and she is slightly extroverted.

We share some sensory hypersensitivity and tendencies to dissociation, derealisation and depersonalisation. 

I kind of envy Laura’s ability to communicate so easily with people and she has similar feelings for my ability to focus and stay organized.

Well, we both make a great couple which is standing behind this project. And we both can do great things, given the right chance and space.

no face
Ella: This is how most people’s faces looks like in my memory.


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