What is great about sauna

First of all, I have to say I am writing this article in a sauna.

Great for drying things

How weird it may seems, it is super handy to dry your clothes in sauna. Why have a dryer, when you will jist turn on sauna and let your clothes dry there. It will be dry fast and you don’t need to iron many things, because it dryes freely in the position you arrange it.

If you feel cold…

…but not badly cold. Just turn it on and let it go to the low temperature like 30ºC or more, if you are warm lover. For me this temperature is perfectly enough if I want to spend there at least one hour. Then, you can do there practically anything. Read a book, knit or just take laptop with you and surf the internet. No matter you have in bedroom temperature between 17º to 20ºC.

Great for party

I am not much into parties with lot of alcohol and loud music, but when it comes to, it is great to have it in the sauna. If you are drinking ciders or light beers, you can do so even in the sauna. Otherwise it is better not to do it and drink outside.

The party will be great and you will feel refreshed and nicely tired, unless you were drinking too much. At least it works like this for me. Good time with my friends without being exhausted afterwards.


If you just had a tough day, there is nothing better than go in the sauna for at least one round and then you can go sleep. Your mind will go somewhere else and it provides nice relaxation.

After a sport…or long time outside

I am a sport person and when I am doing sport in a cold weather, I often feel cold some time after. This is great way how not to feel cold. Moreover, it helps your muscles to relax.


When you are somehow blocked or just want a massage, it is great to do it after sauna. You are warmed up and it is super nice feeling. And amazing relaxation.

With an ice-cream

Do you like to eat an ice-cream in the winter time? I do. It is super nice to have it after you go out of sauna. Better is, when you have really freezing weather, you can just put your ice-cream or popsicle into a snow and eat it later. Or eat it how long you would like to, it won’t melt.


When I was a kid, I was asking my mum why we can’t have warm weather (summer) and snow at one time, because it would be great to make a snowman and then go swimming. Well, with a sauna this is possible. Just have enough snow and make a hole big enough in the lake or river. Then you can enjoy rolling in the snow, swimming in the cold water, making a snowman..all those great activities. And you don’t need much clothing.

Walking outside

When you are on a place like I am – winter finnish Lapland – no one will pay you much attention when you are outside only in a bathrobe or towel and walking around the village. We can even go shopping right from a sauna, because it is just few hundred metres.

Rolling in the snow

When you go outside, it is nice to just lay in the snow, or roll in it. It hurts like a hell, but few moments after you can feel the warm going out, because your skin is super cold. Just how the warm blood moves from inner parts of you body outside. Simmilar efect has swimming. For me it is always temperature shock, but mostly I like it.

Being naked

Well, most foreigners hate it, but for me it is natural thing. You don’t have clothing which bothers you and you are completely free. You are not showing yourself in a way “Hey, look here, I am naked!”. No, just sit, look around or on a stove and speak with your friends freely.

Northern lights

Great thing, but hard to manage. If you are not living on a place which is ” aurora friendly” then you can look only on the stairy sky (also beautiful). If you are lucky, having a sauna and northern lights would be amazing. I never had strong norhtern lights when having a sauna evening. Only very weak ones.

All these photos were made in one day. The aurora was best what I have ever seen (I haven’t seen much yet). We were all just standing there looking at the sky. Especially when the aurora moved and was exactly above us, moving swiftly, making interesting shapes and changing coulours. From green to violet/pink to yellow and white. It was amazing. Despite my camera is not anyhow perfect for this, I could make nice photos.


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