Today was a nice day. We could see a sun behind the clouds. That means a promising evening for seeing the northeren lights. I was thinking we may go outside in the forest, as we were told we probably won’t see a thing here because of the light pollution. It is not very significant here.

Whole day it was a construction work and then schooling for a work. We were a bit tired and lazy to go there. I was like “I will check the forecast and if there will be something, we will go in the forrest”. 

All has changed at the moment when one coworker went out for a cigarette. We heard him and then saw him waving. I had no idea what is going on, so I run out just in a shirt, short trousers and barefeet. It was freezing. Then I knew he was calling us to see the spectacular show above our apartment.

When the main ” wow effect” dissapeared, I run for a camera and shoes. Standing barefeet in the frozen snow is nice, but not for a long time.

Then I played with settings of my camera. Yes all those photos are bad, blurred and with high grain. I had a problem with ISO, because the settings is in every regime from automatic to manual, but there is obviously one settings above it, totally and perfectly hidden. It was all just spontaneous playing but mostly just looking on the sky.

Maybe next time it will be better, because now I have more experience. By the way; yes, I have a tripod. It is big and it took me a 1,7 kg of weight for stuff in a bagpack.

  • We could see a sun today.
  • A lot of work made us tired.
  • A coworker went out for a cigarette.
  • I run outsite barefeet.
  • I could see a spectacular show.
  • I took shoes, camera and jacket.
  • I played with camera settings.
  • Photos are bad. Maybe they will be better next time.

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