We had about a week for acclimatisation and during that time a lot happened. It was freezing many times and snowing only twice. During one time we ended with snow powder and it melted quickly next day. Second snowing day is today. I never know the actual temperature, because our window thermometer is broken and it usualy shows temperature around -6ºC which can be everything from -1ºC to +4ºC.

Northern lights

What always make me smile are reindeers on the road and next to the houses. What dissapointed me is one missed nice aurora. It was last week, I knew there is sun storm and aurora should be nice. It was beautiful on sky cameras from Tromsø, but here was all sky totally covered by clouds. Yesterday we saw it on coworkers photos – it was visible through clouds! And we missed it! I feel bad about it, because I was carefully watching weather and aurora forecast and even looking often out of window. We were told the problem is in light pollution. Well….light pollution here is very small but on a test photo it is much stronger than I have expected. Next time we know when to go outside and where to go.​

Forrest and berries

Surrounding forrest is normal taiga forrest with lot berries. There still are lingolnberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) and lot crowberries (Empetrum nigrum) which are both edible. I already tasted crowberries but I am insecure to pick them and eat more of them. We still don’t want to go more far in the hills because it is two or more days trip and we are just lazy. Moreover, I would rather go there when it start freeze, it will no longer be so much wet.


On one photo you can see me having a shot of something. Well it is Terva and I wanted to have it when we arrive. Finally a celebration of my graduation. Well….we had it as an appetizer before lunch. It is super expensive, it would be better to buy whole bottle – only if I knew where. In Alko store is only one super badly tasting Terva. I like the taste because it is a bit similar to mead. Maybe if you’ll be having mead during the barbecue.​

Polar night

Yes, oficially the polar night is already here, but we still have about 10 hours of daylight. Mostly overcast so not much of sun. Actually in whole last week it was about…five hours of sun. All in one day. The daylight shortens every single day for about 7 to 10 minutes.​

What we do?

What are we doing here at this moment and in last days? Nothing very specific. I am learning programs I will be using in new job here, knitting, learning Finnish and so on. I can already understand much more and watching child programmes is very helpful. I have to admit Hannu was right. Last year I obviously met the right people here and had no big issue to speaking with them in English. This time it is not so easy because when communicating with local people I am sometimes forced to start think in Finnish which cause me to panic and I can’t simply say a word.​

Short overview

  • Temperature around +5ºC to -1ºC, cloudy
  • Twice snowing. Snow almost immediately melts.
  • Reindeers between houses and on the road.
  • We missed a chance for nice northern lights.
  • Lot berries (brusinky = lingolnberries) and nice forrest.
  • I drunk one small glass of Terva (alcoholic beverage made from tar). 
  • Terva is delicious.  It was as a celebration of my graduation.
  • We have polar night. Still, we have about 10 hours of daylight.
  • I am learning Finnish. I am bad at it.

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