Silezia and Beskids


Last two weeks I was just around the Moravia and Silezia two regions of the Czech Republic. For first, it was Masters of Rock (music festival) and then visiting my boyfriend’s parents and doing things like climbing, looking around and…going for a one day trip to Beskids.

It was sunny day a bit too hot (27 to 30°C – as usual) and we were happy, that most of our journey was under the trees and on the windy ridge.

We started our journey at Ráztoka close to the Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. It was only about 15 km journey and I was again testing my new handmade shoes (I never wore anything more comfortable).

It was very special trip. After many hours and weeks of teaching our cat what is a leash and how to be comfortable with it, how to walk with it and so on; he (cat) finally understood what we expect from him. Great. He was curiously stopping after almost every meter and was incredibly attracted by every bush. After some time, he was already walking straight but slowly.

From all our journey, cat walken only about 1 km with many stops. When it was obvious, that he is a bit too curious about his surroundings or he doesn’t want to walk, we were carrying him. When our cat realized, that the most comfortable spot on standing human body is a backpack, he was gladly laying on it. Looking what is around or lightly sleeping.

We walked to the Pustevny where we took short break and ate some lunch. Our next journey led to the statue of Radegast and then to the Chapel.

The forests on the sides of the ridge were amazing. Just perfectly typical and normal, how most of our forests on the mountain’s slopes should look like. Only problem is, that most of our forests on this places doesn’t look like this. In this forest only the firs were missing.

When we were returning and it began to be dark, our cat Filip Bělouš Mňoukátor 3000 (it means Filip, white meowing cat) started to be very active. We thought he will be sleepy, but in a train, it was nearly impossible to keep him in his bag – he wanted explore everything around, look from a window… At home, he started walking around the room and meowing at us – he wanted to go outside…


P.S.: Yes, the cat is white with one blue and one green eye. No, it is not any breed – he is a street cat with not very good past (only one kitten year). He had at least one rib broken, doesn’t have many teeth and maybe a bit more. Now, he is happy cat. – Walking a cat is not weird, you only need much more patience to learn a cat how to walk on a leash than a dog. Dogs are easy.




One thought on “Silezia and Beskids

  1. Měli jsme úplně stejného kocoura, jedno oko zelené, jedno modré, byl hluchý, bohužel se ztratil 😦 cestování s kočkou je perfektní


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