Bohemian paradise

Some time ago, when temperatures finally dropped to normal numbers (it was 15-17°C), we decided to go again in the nature. Actually, we were there because of different story, but that is not important.

We started our journey in Mladostov, just after our late lunch. It was about 15:00 and we naively thought, that we can go to the castle Trosky and then to the train in Turnov. Walking through beautiful countryside and landscape, testing the historical shoes.

The place is known by its beautiful geology – the old sea bottom, made into a rock and then uncovered and eroded to its beautiful shapes. The sandstone everywhere.

In the woods near the road, we have discovered nice shrine and I am not writing its precise location by purpose. It was true sanctuary, where you are naturally walking in quiet contemplation and looking around you. The ground covered with mosses, edges of well lined by a liverworts and ferns in a sacred fireplace in front of carved and painted totem with a symbolic tombstones next to it.

Something, what can be strongly appreciated by a garden and landscape architect, place with a strong genius loci.

The point, why we couldn’t finish our journey as intended, is that we were slow and we took a bit detour. It was probably my mistake, there was nowhere a sign to a castle Trosky, but we have finally found it. About an hour later after the closing time and we were in a deep hurry.

We were about to miss our last train back – I had written down only leaving time from the Turnov and not from the small village we were in. Our calculation of time was perfect and we were there exactly on time, running down from the castle to the village.

If you ever would like to go there, take your time to fully enjoy this place. I know it there, so I wasn’t disappointed we couldn’t visit so many places. It was only 24 km in 5:30 hours.


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