Training for a record

We are planning to Cross the Cyprus this April by kickbiking in less than 24 hours. We need some training for that. I am trying to enjoy my training by choosing nice landscapes. Long nice and slow distances and – of course – hills. I hate hills when I am on the kickbike or bike. It is pure suffering. But this training, I was enjoying. Only about 80 km with 1400 altitude meters. Not bad, not hard.

Probably the hardest part was going out of the city (Brno), where one “legendary” hill is. About 190-200 altitude meters for approximately 4 km. Nothing hard, when I am thinking about it now, I went on much harder hills.

I was surprised, when I’ve noticed some lichens more sensitive to clean air. They were there in nice numbers. Nice change compared to the city lichens.

In the forest were also nice and “lonely” old houses, for example that one on the photo. By the way, that route was marked as asphalt in the map. Never trust a map, it hates your road tires.

Nice church after long downhill from the castle. Just Náměšť nad Oslavou. Not ugly city with amazing landscape all around.


Last beams of sunshine for that day, close to the Brno as viewed from the hill. Amazing colours. I had to stop for a moment.



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