Welcoming spring, remembering winter

Skating on a dam – Brno

It probably doesn’t need a comment. It was frozen about 10 or more kilometers upstream good for skiing. Not suitable for ice-skating.

We were going only to a castle Veveří and then back. Skiing is still too exhausting for me – I really like it, but I am very bad at it.

Highland – Vysočina

Just visiting my sister in her house far from everything. It mean, we stopped in Humpolec and there they took us to their home. Brilliant weather that day and even during the night.

We were planning to sleep outside and test my three seasonal sleeping bag for snowy weather. It went okay. I wanted to try sleep in the snow, therefore we dug a place in the snow. Just a rectangle in with 30-50 cm high walls. No snow roof.

Sleeping in a wet snow meant having wet sleeping bags at the morning. My woolen blanket helped a lot against the moisture from the snow. And reflective “foil” under the proper sleeping pad was also good against the moisture.

Sleeping outside second time – Adamov

Just a weekend thing. Going outside to enjoy melting snow and second test of my equipment. We went only about 20 km in those two days.

Nice and perfectly safe hike was changed by nature into potentially dangerous trip. On the slopes, where tiny paths are, the snow has melted and then froze into solid ice.

We also visited some of tiny caves which are absolutely free to visit. It was nice there, because in one small room the temperature wasn’t around zero as outside, but around +10°C. Quite warm.

Rest of the photos are still from Adamov and surroundings. Last three photos from my training to a Veveří castle. It wasn’t skiing training as last time, but kickbiking training.


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