At Monday 9.1. I arrived back to Prague airport and went to my mum’s place. There some Christmas present were waiting for me, despite I said, I don’t have any Christmas this year. I took only few small presents from Finland to some people, just because I wanted.

And I have started new tradition. Maybe even two. I want to continue writing blog, maybe less often. Second tradition is, that I want to have sticker with country’s flag from every country I visited with my kickbike. In that case, I need stickers from Slovenia, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia. Maybe visit those countries again.

How it was to arrive? I felt so sad in the airplane, but I must admit, that Prague in the night and snow looks beautiful from the airplane. Also, it was so unnatural to start to talk in Czech again and often I am mixing these two languages together. Especially at the morning, when I am not fully awakened yet, I am talking only in English and when I am not focusing or someone use English word. And my Czech grammar is sometimes very weird and the sentences doesn’t have any real meaning. Great…

My voice was weird and all that language was so soft, when I started to talk. All those “č”, “ž” and “ř” were weird and sounded unnatural. It took me about 60 minutes to talk normally without weird accent.

At the airport, I had my snow hugging time that day. I just went to the lawn where no footprints were and “fell” into the snow.


Next day, I took my cross-country skis and went with my boyfriend and dog outside. It was nice, sunny, and snowy.  I was truly looking forward for skiing. And I was really surprised. We were outside for two hours and started with a temperature around -0,6 °C and I didn’t take my jacket, only vest (we ended with -5 °C and I have realised, that I took bad gloves). After all that time, I wasn’t tired at all.

I have skis for classic style. That day I cleaned my skis from all those layers of old vax (about 1 mm) and that day I was very effective with using vax again – just enough amount. Outside I tried to go classic but most of the time it wasn’t very successful. It ended with style when I was using only my arms and when I was tired, classic style again. When the road was mostly flat (no big holes) I tried skating. For first time in my life, I didn’t fall and I was quite good – it was much easier and much faster. Only, it wasn’t very comfortable on bumps, where the vax was doing what it should do and I almost fell many times.

Short part of “road” went on the ice. It was the most comfortable way of cross-country skiing I’ve ever tried. I never have nice surface when I am skiing. Most of the time I have tried not to be fast and waited for my boyfriend (walking). At some point, I took my dog to let him feel a bit warmer. Maybe I need belt for the leash to let him pull me. He can help even with his 5kg weight, he has huge power.

I feel much more sure, that I can do one totally crazy idea – race in the mountains. Not ordinary race, 90 km race. I need a bit more practice for it, which means I am taking my skis and will do something. It seems like, that climbing and kayaking in last few weeks helped me to gain some strength in my arms.


Skiing in Brno, much more luxurious than in Hradec Králové (on a reservoir):


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