Welcome to Lapland (7.)

Way back

I will try to be short. It is not worth write about last journey long article. And because I didn’t have enough space in any other article, this one will be with drawing mostly.

After such a terrific and terrible week, I wanted only two things. Bed and shower. But we had to wait for it. For the first time, we will need to go back to Rovaniemi. I bought a ticket day before, but we had some troubles and ticket didn’t arrived. We wanted to give them some time due to their work hours and went to the road with a new sign.

We were there to early. Before 10 am. Only few cars passed by us and about eleven, we had our first driver. Young girl stopped us and told us: “If you don’t mind, I am going only to the next city, Sodankylä.” Or something like that. But still, going only to the next city was 120 km journey and we agreed.

After that, something I called reindeer safari started. Too many reindeers on the road all the time. And they were just okay with that. “Oh. Some car is coming. Never mind. I don’t care, but on the other side is interesting thing to eat.” They absolutely looked like this. Don’t care. It was in some ways funny. Few reindeers just standing on the road and cars waiting.

I was sitting on a back seat so I gave my camera to the boyfriend, who never tried to make photos at all, but I trusted him. And for benefit, the camera is good and even on the automatic setting makes good photos. But not exactly through the car windows, that is the reason, why I chose only two photos.

Stop for lunch

At Sodankylä we were hungry and we decided to go to the naer gas station and eat something. It was good, or I was just too hungry to not to feel the taste.

On our next place, we waited less than hour. It was so fast. Guy with a big car and big ginger fox-looking dog stopped. He was from Spain, 14 years living in Finland and working in tourism (I think, whole that time he is living in Lapland, but I am not sure). He talked a lot about the geology and how the country was formed and other very interesting things, I didn’t know. Usually, I am listener, not talker. Last 70 or 80 km we were silent. My boyfriend fell asleep and I tried a lot not to fall asleep too. Sometimes, I closed my eyes and maybe even slept. I am not sure; we were so tired.

In Rovaniemi we went to the restaurant/fast food. Drink there, having internet and for dinner pizza. To Rovaniemi we arrived at 16 pm. It was fast journey.


In that restaurant, we had few troubles. Payment for our ticked was lost and I had to call there and about an hour we were mailing. My battery in phone and tablet was very low and I was very unsecure (if you want to read it in decent way). If not, I was freaking out, was scared, nervous and highly stressed.

After some time, they recommended us to buy a new ticket. It wasn’t possible to do it with my card. And if we wanted to pay with cash, it was 65 euros per person. Almost same price as if we took train. And 25 euros more than on the internet. We were thinking, what should we do. Paying next 80 euros (two persons) with a same card, where same problem may occur? No.

What if we ask those girls with huge backpacks, who just arrived? It will be weird, but we have cash… I was desperate. With shaking hands, I called friends number. No respond. Maybe just wait some time and try it again. After all, it went well. We could contact each other and he was willing to pay it send us that ticket. I felt very humble, to ask somebody for a money, but I gave him that money back next day. When I had our reservation number written on receipt, I felt such a relief. My battery was low and I turned off the phone.

Lost again?

After that, everything went well and we were in a bus back home. To the south of the Finland. Back to Helsinki. Next morning, we were there, sitting in a Kamppi, talking and I was wondering which bus numbers I had written on paper to take. I was sure only about one number. In middle of phone call, my phone died, but I had two precious information. Which bus to which stop.

I said goodbye to my boyfriend and took the bus. Driver was so kind he told me when we arrived there. I went out of the bus and realized, I have big trouble now. My tablet has so low battery, and map wasn’t visible on a daylight. My phone was dead and I couldn’t recognize the surroundings. I tried every side road near that bus stop if something will look familiar to me, but nothing.

I was thinking, what should I do. Ask? Well, and what to ask for? I went around and I saw a shopping center. I’ve got an idea. There is totally at least one person with a phone charger. Giving my SIM into another phone was useless, because all numbers are saved in the phone’s memory and I have trouble to remember even my number.

Will it be open, at Sunday before noon? Yes, they were. I asked only two sellers, the second one had. But the phone was totally dead and after about ten minutes (or more) standing there and nervously trying to turn my phone on, I decided to buy my own charger (I never had one). Sat in the café, not opened yet, my phone in a charger… I decided to look closely on the map. Here it was barely visible. And I saw it. It should be exactly here; I can recognise the road shape.

My phone finally turned on and there was a text message with address. I compared it with a map. It was it. Great. I know where it is. But I underestimated Finnish way of building cities. It is not very logic and not planned, mostly is just same as it was popular in medieval ages. Just another building build next to each other with any plans about developing the city, but respecting the geology and nature.

This was the trouble. I knew exactly, where the house is, but I couldn’t get there and I had to go around whole building block to get there. I felt frustration and I was decided, I will find it in any possible way. I am stubborn. And I found It. Such a relief.

I spent there little bit more time than I wanted and when I realized the time, it started to rain and was going to be dark. I don’t have a mud catcher mounted on my kickbike yet and my headlight was low on battery after week. At least, I had good rear light and reflective vest.


Way home

My way back was even much more “fun” than I expected. Of course, I didn’t plan anything of that. It all should go smoothly and as we planned. Not at all. When I arrived to Hämeenlinna I had before me about 20 km to go, one big backpack on my handle bars and one smaller. I chose cyclist path through Aulanko and I was very glad for all those lamps there. When lamps ended, I had only six kilometres left before me.

I had to fight with dark, with me. With my headlight, I barely saw edge of the road and most of the time I had big distance from there. I was obviously easily visible, because people going in my direction gave me lot of space and not for last moment.

It was like being blind. Somewhere in the forest were small lights and all the time I headed that direction. It was calming because I knew, there is lot of building in a forest. They were like wisps, making my road back to our campus.

When I arrived to the last hill and the golf playground, I was just happy and I felt big relief. Arrived there around 9 pm and it took me only hour and something. After hot shower and dinner, I finally could sleep.


Small bonus, which has nothing to do with the article:



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