Welcome to Lapland (5.)

About this day

At first, I didn’t have an intention to write about this day, but big number of photos forced me to do that. At least describe it little in a short article. I promise, this one will be short one. Absolutely nothing has happened this day.

We started our journey from day hut. Before that, we planned a lot, our possible way. We had more than one option. And we chose this journey. Just go to the Suomunruoktu, to Suomunjoki (we wanted to arrive to this river second day to hut Porttikoski – I think it should have been second day).  It was short journey, only about 6 km to go, no rush. Next day we were heading back to civilisation, but wait for next article.

Bad way

It was just over that hill and then go in the valley next to the river. As usual. Our backpacks weren’t that heavy anymore, but we had good signs how many kilometres we went. About three kilometres; my back and shoulders began to hurt. About five to ten kilometres; my feet started to hurt, but I didn’t felt my back and shoulders anymore. At distance of ten kilometres I started to feel my shoulders and back again and sometimes even my hips (I tried to have most of weight of my bag on my hips).

I think, we both started to feel ourselves at the distance about three to five kilometres. It depended on the terrain, mood and distance we had to go.

At beginning we looked on the map, to be sure we are going on the right way and we started. At first we had to go uphill, to the free open landscape with beautiful and breath-taking views. This day was perfect weather. Good visibility, no rain, no fog no wind at all and good amount of light.

Close to the top of the hill, we missed our “side” way and we had to go astray. Only a little. Just went to the open landscape without trees or shrubs at all (only few birches with branches creeping on the ground). It was easy to find that way. We saw couple going from that direction.


Talking was perfect way how to be present and not having roaming mind somewhere in the clouds, which were very close. Looking to far was just amazing for me and I started to dream a lot and be somewhere else with my thoughts. That is maybe the reason, why I didn’t spot small animal running just next to us. My boyfriend had to point it out. It was small nice lemming, looked like a normal hamster.

It was running scared almost in circles. Sometimes trying to hide in lichens and half-shrubs. When it stopped moving, it was almost invisible with its colours looking similar as the landscape. It hid its head under few branches, only back of the body was hardly visible. Its wet pasted fur was partially ginger and partially brown. It was so fluffy, nice and scared, I wanted to take it with my hands, pet it say something like: “It will be okay, nothing will harm you.” But do this to wild animal? It will go totally mad if I will try to catch it.

We just watched it for some time and I tried to make some photos, but even when I tried to make photos of my hamster, it was sometimes almost impossible. It was too fast. So, this one little guy. We let it be and went our way.


Going through this flawless open landscape was just amazing and totally crazy. I was very happy that I decided to go here this week, before the snow will come.

In far we saw forest we were heading into. I was little bit disappointed we need to go back there, where you can see almost nothing and everything is so tight and close, made mostly by birches. Only after this phase you can go to the real forest, which is so airy and filled with light even is this dark part of year. And with wide or close river valleys with almost peatlands, mostly just swamps with interesting vegetation.

We just continued. But something has happened. There was much more light than before. I looked up to the sky and wondered. It was blue – partially. Truly blue, not only lighter clouds with bluish colour, but truly blue clear sky with sun. We weren’t used to it anymore.

Last few kilometres we had lot of sun. And as I wrote before, it was very close to the horizon all the time. Now, we were going in the direction, we saw almost nothing. Just sun in our eyes. My boyfriend didn’t enjoy it, but I was glad, despite it was very annoying – having sun in the eyes and see almost anything.


After some time, we stopped. Few white or grey dots run next to us. Close to us. We were just standing on the road and looked on it. Big reindeer herd went close to us. And they began to go even closer. We put our bags on the ground and very carefully started to go to them. At the same time, they were getting closer.

They were seeking good pasture and were eating. But they spotted us and watched us very cautiously. Every time, some of them looked to us, we freeze and stopped moving. We were watched mostly by a big male reindeer which snorted almost every time it looked to us.  And I wanted to have that one away from me. But they were very calm, obviously used to people. I made lot of photos. And we continued until they turned away and started to go in the other direction. Just away.

No running. Not like the day before, when the other herd was almost freaking out, because another couple of people scared them. Today, they began to go away probably because they heard barking dog close to us.

We had very good time and we were close to the hut. When we arrived back to the road and took our bags, the hut appeared between the trees and we went there. As usual, just exploring what is around. We had plenty of time.  We made nice and good dinner. Despite I wanted to go outside, my boyfriend didn’t feel healthy enough to go with me. And to be honest, I started to feel I will be sick too.


P.S.: I know, this article is written poorly.


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