Stubbornness and language

I need to do one exception here. For the first time in my life I feel much more comfortable when writing and speaking in different language than my mother tongue (and I don’t have any more cramps in my tongue and mouth – as I tried to mask my accent). So I started to write this in English and I will translate it to Czech. Still, forgive me my mistakes, my English sucks and I am writing it at evening – again.

As first, about the stubbornness. Still trying to learn some Finnish. And still have no idea where to start, what to learn, how to learn… So I decided to do the “card method” which was totally amazing for learning Latin (I didn’t want to do that, because I was just lazy to make cards). Of course, some apps for tablet (still any good app), maybe Quizlet will be favourite and Google translator (pretty useful and totally useless at the same time). Some words, translated from the list of the most used Czech words (nothing better to find) and finally, changing Facebook to Finnish which looks pretty useful. I even started to read ads there (short, easier and stupid enough)…

As you can see, I am really trying. And failing again. And to make it all even worse, I am still learning German, because my German…sucks. Sometimes reading something in Polish and any time left for Latin. Can I fluently speak in those languages? No, I am not. I am not able to speak fluently in English (I don’t know people have different opinion). But…it is not weird, I have some troubles (sometimes) even when speaking Czech (mother language). Just because my mind is unbelievably complicated, I can’t think straight and simple.

I was talking with one very interesting person (I think he knows) about thinking and languages. If language affects how the people are thinking. Maybe the language is the mirror how people are thinking and maybe it can affect people how to think.

And I realized that in English is simply impossible to say some things. These things simply don’t exist in this language (it is not because I don’t know it). I bet this is same for every language. And that is maybe the reason, why I was really surprised, when I realized, that lot of things can be said in a same way in Czech and German and can be translated literally. Obviously it is just because those languages were for centuries next to each other and people “mixed”. And yes, I know about a lot Germanisms in Czech and why it is like this. Just “loud” thinking.

At the same time…when I was just browsing the internet, I found, that Czech has about 250 000 words and for comfortable reading is 5000 enough. When people talks they use about 3000 to 6000 words. For simple talking is 1000 – 1500 words enough and for totally basic conversation is enough to know 100 most used words.

I even don’t know every Czech word, still have troubles with some grammatical things in Czech and when talking with my boyfriend, we sometimes just need to explain some words to each other. Only because he has dialect. Okay, I have dialect too, but this one is not that much different from “book” language.

So I don’t have an illusion I will learn some language perfectly. And this is really helping me with learning something. However, I am not able to speak with somebody in their native language (German with German native speaker and so on). Only when I am not “scared” is when I know total basics from that language and really need something. Of course, is really easier to speak if I know, I will never meet that person again. More I know from that language more I am scared to talk (usually I hear all those mistakes I just made).



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