Bird morning

I lay in bed thinking about getting up or staying in the heat. After few minutes, I decided to staying in the bed. But my surroundings had other plans. First I heard the swish of wings and scratching after tin windowsill. I rolled to the other side and ignored the sound. It’s quite common here. Again wings, scratching and peep. I ignored it. But then the sound of wings was in the middle of the room and in a second, I was on my feet. The sound of the wings has to stay outside and not be inside.

Small tit obviously had a different opinion. It stretched in through half-open window and flew into the room. It sat on the cabinet and watched me. I stood up. Tit flew to the large window. And hit it. And again. And again. So it flew back to the cabinet. I began to wonder how catch it as gently as possible.

I paced around the room and think while I apparently forced tit to fly through the closed window. Poor bird could not understand why it cannot go to freedom. I quickly drew the curtains, in the hope of preventing bird from crashing into the glass. Mistake. It sat on the cabinet and watched me, how I made impossible to view outside. Apparently tit was very sure that “there” is out and some curtains didn’t fool it. By a smooth motion it soared to the top curtain rim. It settled. It peeped a moment and then descended behind the curtains to the window. A couple of times hit the glass. And I got an idea.


Cautiously, I walked to the window and looked behind the curtain, to see where the little crumb settled. It took off, but I was faster. Most gentle I caught it through the curtain and “wedged” it between the curtain and the window. With the other hand then I carefully took it into my palm so it had the opportunity to arrange the wings. I hoped I had not hurt it.

It was cold, scared and panting. It struggled with me, even when it was in my palm. I had to figure out what pressure does not allow it to move, but is not creasing. It stopped to fidget. It breathed terrified and stared at me. I caress it. It started to be more calm in my palm. It stopped breathing furiously and even stopped fidgeting.

I strode walked out of the room (the window cannot be open much, plus I did not want to have it back again). I immediately started to call, “Chceš vidět…” (Do you want to see) before I realized that my roommate doesn’t understand Czech. Somehow I began to merge those languages. So I switched to English. Roommate seemed excited and a pet bird. Meanwhile, the little bird has calmed down and began to look just wary and curious.


We opened the front door. I entered the cold pavement barefoot and still in pajamas. I put the palm of my other hand below the hand with bird. Just in case it needed rebound, or had something with wing, so don’t let it hurt even more. Carefully, I began releasing my grip. The little bird fought like a stone from a slingshot and settled in a nearby bush. It watched us. We went back inside.


The next morning, a suspicious sound of wings woke me up again. Ended by tapping on the glass. I lifted out of bed and on the windowsill sat tit. Hard to say if the same. Once it saw me, it flew. I put there a little sunflower seeds.

Local tits are really curious. At breakfast, the small flock searched in the leaves under a bush and few times some of them raised to the window and we were watching each other for a while. Then it always flew away, or changed the observation post.


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