How I hunted unicorn (3. part)


After some time, city started to appear. I cannot remember where, when and how I get to the town from parkland and the countryside. Suddenly, I’ve been there. It was all around me and reared in traditional townhouses of about five floors. People amount began to increase. Occasionally I heard Russian.

As I got to Helsinki Cathedral (Helsinigin tuomiokirkko), I began to recognize the surroundings. Here we were on a trip to Suomenlinna. But we were there quite late in the evening, so almost no one around. Now, despite the bad weather, here was a lot of people. Not on the steps of the Cathedral (there was nobody), but everywhere around.

Because I arrived about an hour earlier before planned meeting “on the staircase to the cathedral,” I decided to take a ride around to find some warm cafe and eat something. The aim was to get a little bit outside the tourist center, because my experience told me, sitting in a cafe next to the shop like “Louis Vuitton” is a little beyond my financial abilities(?). Despite the fact that all were crowded and with no space to park the kickbike. Moreover, I wanted to see on it.


So I drove about 20 minutes between the city crowds and clouds and Russian tourists and searched. I found lots of interesting things and fast food that would be great. But I wanted to sit down and rest somewhere in warm. I was looking primarily for the parking options, until I found. One extremely sticky stand by something sweet, but I was able to see on my kickbike from the window of the restaurant pretty well. So I warmed up at least a moment, had a nice tea (mystification, black tea labeled as black currant) and beef hamburger. I ate it all in less than 20 minutes (they prepared it very quickly) and headed back.

Pavel was waiting under the stairs. So got to know each other, and about a minute later, Alpo arrived. We exchanged a few words and went to look inside the cathedral. Kickbikes were locked at the railing and we went inside. The service began. We enjoyed a moment of silence and wait until service begins. Then we agreed by gestures that it is right time to go outside and we went back into the cold. For me not that cold, because it was much warmer here (about 16-17 ° C, but the windy).


So we started a tour to the coast and surroundings. All the time we talked about a lot of things. As is my habit, I don’t engage in discussions, rather curiously listening. And a lot of it, I did not hear because we could not ride three people side by side.

For a while we stopped at a beautiful smoothed rock at the coast with stunning views and beautiful dead pine tree (with a less nice view to prefabs). We went to see the island with the reconstruction of very old houses and explore the surroundings. Especially those wonderful views were worth it. After about 20 km we finished the ride. And Alpo took me to his home, where I stayed overnight. A total of 140 km in one day. During the evening, I have gained a lot of valuable information for planning a trip to Lapland. Very glad I then fell asleep.


The following day there is no need to describe, because it is rather an internal thing. Some too boring for a story, or simply unsuitable for writing in public space. So I leave it nicely stored in my head. Time spent with the Alpo and his family gave me new motivation for a lot of things, and yet another new approach and view. I like these meetings, they help me look at things differently and realize even what I am not able to see anymore.


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