How I hunted unicorn (2. part)

My journey

Fortunately, everything went well, meeting was appointed and I began planning a trip. Because I’m kind of a freak, and I’m terribly lazy to take public transportation, I decided that the 120 km will do on a kickbike. This is not a distance!

I had offer to stay overnight and therefore I did not have to deal night journey back. Anyway, I had it about 20 km on a kickbike from the train station to the apartment. So I collected a pile of “essentials”. Including towel, toothbrush, basic cosmetics, jacket and clothes to change. Cycling clothes is great. All these things I was able to pack into the back pockets of my cycling jersey, long bike jersey and vest. And even I stuffed there food and bag, which I wanted to put on the handlebars with things, when I will feel hot. Overall, about 1.5 kg of things distributed on my lower back.


The morning was very cold, windy and it was cloudy. I was very glad that I didn’t underestimate it, took the headband, neck scarf and gloves with long fingers (I found perfect running gloves which are windproof). During the day, weather didn’t improve. Although some moments I saw the sun’s rays, but that was all. I resigned to dressing up and undressing cloth layers. I simply just zipped up and unzipped whole way I had rolled up sleeves. On the way, the highest temperature was about 12 ° C, not too hot, nor cold.

At the morning was more fun on the way. I stopped at school campus in Hämeenlinna; ran into the woods for lingonberries (I have them almost every day for breakfast). And the journey went quickly and was interesting. I tried to choose roads leading along the main road. It was the first of about 50-60 km. But then there were no side road and I had to drive on the main road. Luckily I didn’t meet there many cars (main road next to the highway). The problem was that the road is flat and uninteresting. And every few kilometers discouraging signs showing how much is left to Helsinki and how much to Hämeenlinna. Sign 50/50 was very demotivating. I knew I have had about 70 km done, but I take our campus as a part of Hämeenlinna.


Pauses for a snack have become more frequent, fatigue approached. My desire to go somewhere dropped to the freezing point, and I was desperately searching for something interesting in the landscape, which my eyes could enjoy. But my journey still was so terribly boring and flat. Just go 120 km south +/- straight, until I finish in the sea is a little challenging for the head. Still the same landscape. Nowadays, the whole beautiful yellow with accents of green and red. All the time up and down. Glacier formed landscapes started to be annoying, because it should be flat or hilly. But here it is neither flat or hilly.

Sign Vantaa and about three smiling cyclists in the opposite direction, gave me hope. Though it’s been a part of Helsinki (for me), it still means about 30 km to the sea. The number of cycle paths was increasing; the landscape has started to be less boring. Occasionally there were houses, lots of parks, and some people a lot of interesting things, which I could watch. Even stones. They are really everywhere here. But every stone is different. And I could watch the planes and how they disappeared in the clouds.



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