How I hunted unicorn (1. part)



Everyone has surely heard about the “legend” named Alpo Kuusisto (and Hannu Vierikko is legend too). The fact, they are from Finland, is also known to almost everyone. Fact, they live somewhere in Helsinki is not too difficult to guess. A lot was written and said about them. And as it happens, the legend became a legend just because the other people proclaim they as legends. Few such “legends” I know for some time and this status they have legitimately because they really are in the category of crazy people. Same as I know a lot of people who would deserve much more publicity because they do really crazy things. Insanely good.

Probably, no one will be surprised that I wanted to meet these good souls of kick biking. I felt the a little lonely, only me with scooter. Moreover, I have a vague feeling that I have met them in the World Championships in Plzen. My very poor face memory caused only that blurred feeling.


From my side attempts to contact them was big. From some friends I have retrieved the e-mail address and I wrote. Hannu didn’t answered (probably a bad mail), Alpo did. In a few months we exchanged about three e-mails, the wait time for a response was quite long. About a month. Because I’ve been in Finland, I wanted to meet; but wait a month for answer? I do not have that much time, probably we have had seen each other in December on my way to the airport.

So it became almost stalker. First, I began collecting information how to contact them best, but I didn’t want to call. Basically, everyone told me that the mail has no sense if I want something “fast”. So I gathered courage and begged for phone number. I got it only to Hannu. For a long time, I’ve been thinking what I should tell him, not to make me look totally stupid. I even wrote it down, because my ability to make phone calls is really bad.

As it usually is (in my case), when he answered, I started to stammer, slapping things together and I wasn’t able to make a coherent sentence. Just classically unsettled me. Luckily we managed to exchange some information. Hopefully he put together some information from my babbling, anyway, I got back an e-mail address. I felt a little desperate. But I’m stubborn.


So I wrote an e-mail. Apologized for incoherence of my communication and formed what I wanted to say and it was. Within a few days I had the answer. Willingness to meet just in a few days on the weekend and with even one another Czech athlete (also exchange student, also Helsinki). I was glad after those few months, we finally got even to a personal contact.

Sometime after Etapák race I started to have feeling that meet him (sometime, somewhere) would be a good idea. During that time, Alpo became for me a “rainbow unicorn”. Everyone talks about him, but he’s been saw only by the “chosen”. I even sometimes started to think that it was just a mystification when people around me said: “Yeah, he is cool and funny.” They maybe invented kickbiking Cimrman.



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