Food (I don’t have food picture)

Certainly a lot of people will be very sad if I did not mention the food. But I do not have that much experiences, yet. So far I only ate in canteens, saw the offer in a store and did some cooking by myself. No restaurant. But my findings have been confirmed.



Especially the meatballs in a thousand ways. Almost everywhere you are able to find them, or they are served you. Even in the store meatballs are easy to obtain. It is usually also in a vegetarian variant. Unfortunately, I never know which is which. Each version is spiced differently and in a different sauce and it even do not taste like a meat. But it is good. The tomato sauce is probably the best.

On the blog written by a Czech woman I’ve noticed that they had the fish all the time on their travels through Lapland. Here in the south, it is obviously much weaker, although there is fishing quite popular. In the shop they have usually salmon and some other fish (nothing uncommon). I didn’t discover something like fish market or anything like that.

At the same time, I have not met with any kind of meat, which would be unusual for me, or “exotic”. Yes, for the first time in my life I’ve tasted sushi, but it absolutely does not belong here.


Side dish

Potatoes. In one word which describe everything. I would never think that cooked potatoes can be eaten with the peel. I never liked it (eat with peel) and I never did this at home. At least, I have a new argument for potatoes boiled in their peels. I didn’t ate potato mash, yet. Usually only potatoes to everything and in all circumstances.

As another side dish are pickles and pickled beets. Normally to add on the plate (if you want). In the stores even not packed. This is what I really don’t need to have. Fortunately, is is possible to find raw beets so I can prepare is as I like it.



Yes, correct. Salads everywhere and every time, because we all need to be healthy. You can have salad exactly that way you like it a what you like in it. Sometimes I go to the cafeteria only for having a salad and a little bit of main dish, just not to be hungry. I tried almost every possible and impossible combinations. With salads, I am fully satisfied.



Coffee, coffee and coffee again. Coffee here is a really big deal, and coffee is an extremely important object. I do not like coffee, bad choice. Fortunately, black tea is also available…. rarely even green. I gave up searching for fruit teas. Even in those “helathy shops” I didn’t found real fruit tea/not-tea.

Interesting thing is drinking milk. For everything. Even for such a strange combination, which my stomach did not liked for a moment. But because I liked the combination, I convinced my stomach to like it too. But here is primarily nonfat milk (I once accidentally poured half a glass of cream and filled with semi-skimmed milk – brilliant). After that, the sour milk is frequently drunk here… And at home I looked strange when I drunk it.



How I cursed the Czech bread and started to bake it, bread here is good (just quickly disappears, and 20 km to the nearest shop is far). Just it is harder to obtain. Most of it is “flat” bread and the crackers. “Flat” bread is very good, maybe I’ll try to get the recipe. Crackers … no. Not really tasty. Moreover, they are stiff and difficult to eat. But I found a cool thing. When buttered, stacked on itself, after about an hour, it softens and it’s good. Is appropriate space it with something. Maybe a slice of cheese.



I had not the honor of being invited to a barbecue, but grills are almost everywhere. Even in the public housing estates. Even in the park. Their popularity is huge. We saw a graph how the local people (Finns) spend their money for the garden. Grill and grilling things were (I think) third.

It is noticeable also in the stores. Usually there are available lots of sausages, etc. I don’t know if meat too, because I usually don’t go to that department.



Probably, if a will learn the Cyrillic alphabet, I won’t even need a dictionary while shopping. But so far it proved that is easier to learn how it is in Finnish. Pictures may not be really good. That is the reason why is in my freezer mix of vegetables, which is composed from kinds I hate.


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