Short remarks 3


Stones, water, birches. This is probably the briefest characterization of the Finnish landscape (here around on the south). Everywhere is possible to see huge boulders as a glacial relict, work of the iceberg. Everywhere here is water. Everywhere. And where is not, there are boulders. And everywhere here are birches. So, only where is not water … and too many boulders.



If anyone have the feeling, that almost freezes here and the snow falls, you are mistaken. It’s usually around 20 °C (of course, only during the day), still a lot of sun, occasionally wind. Usually it’s for a short sleeve. But nights are little bit colder, around 10 °C. But also chilly autumn will come. Heat map shows the nighttime temperatures in north Finland are close to zero and below.

The fog comes. They are beautiful. Leaves are catching yellowish tinge, sometimes even clumps of yellow leaves. Apparently we have a week or two before freeze begins here too.



What it’s worth, are local houses. Gorgeous wood paneling, many of them having gambrel roof … Mostly in dark red color (like brick), sometimes in yellow, white and pale blue. Beautiful. Sitting all around. No fences, no fortification. Only hiding in the woods or on the edge.



With lots of detached houses is related the road network. Basically, it sucks. Most of the roads end at one’s doorstep. Surface quality is not high. On the other hand, when it is somewhere “rural road” connecting more houses, it is good. It is mechanically compacted aggregate as it should look like (yes, sometimes a pothole). Without difficulties for less sensitive road tires. These roads are even very pleasantly wide.

Then there are, of course, the asphalt roads with a beautiful surface. Usually routes “between cities” with high car frequency, where one doesn’t want to go. Breakdown lane can solve the problem; it is wide enough. In addition, drivers here are really considerate and paying attention.



That’s what I didn’t mentioned…much. But now I know why those 33cl cans and almost any other package (glass, half liter…).

Small cans have practical reasons. They say it’s because of the sauna. Taking a glass to the sauna is a gamble. The bottle can be heated and can broke to a million pieces. I know it well, I’ve been making glass beads – sudden change of temperatures is dangerous for the glass and the people around it. Besides, glass bottles are very fast hot. After all, 80-90 °C do its job (it depends on the heating, I’ve seen even more). Those small cans are not too quickly heated (warm beer? Ewww.), because sooner you drink it.


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