Short remarks 2

Finnish … again?!!

Sometimes Finnish sounds to me like singing, sometimes like a bunch of noises. And sometimes just like Czech. Only with a completely different words.



I had only a few trainings yet but I still took a couple of observations. Finland is flat. It just is. On the other side it is unbelievably hilly. The hills have only a small elevation (about 20 meters), but it’s a short uphill and quite “steep”. I am able to ride down with the speed 40 km/h – without kicking on top.



Everywhere here are cranberries (puolukka). Huge number of cranberries. Who knows me, knows that I suffer when I pass uneaten cranberries. So we have two liters of cranberries in the freezer, a lot of them in my stomach and I want to try make dried berries.

Mushrooms are much the same, but I am able to ignore them – very successfully. Even if I miss a nice big (edible) mushroom, I say to myself: “And where I have space for it? Just let them be, they are certainly poisonous.”



These people love gardening, weekend cottages and barbecues (and of course the sauna). And they want to know about all the news, every new trend. So gardening magazines are in Swedish, German, French and English are widely available. Right next to the Finnish.


Eating and Shopping

No, it does not belong to the first paragraph. So you go to the store to buy things. And after a while you feel like being analphabetic, staring at the pictures on the packages and you hope, you chose really what you want. Luckily, there are texts in Swedish too. With a very large amount of imagination, you can identify (at least roughly) what it is.


Aurora borealis…

… no. It was several times. After arrival each night. If I have seen it? No way. Through the trees there is nothing to see, or it was cloudy. And when it was seen, it lasted about 10 minutes. Only something little saw about three people. I didn’t. And I ran quickly out, wearing only my pajamas and barefoot, into the cold night. Well, it was not so cold, about 10 ° C.


Red dwarf

“What caused 20% of car accidents in Sweden in 1971?” Probably you all know the answer, moose. Yes, we have a sign “beware of stags – crosses the road” (Did you ever saw a stag? They are all roe-deer!), Here they have a sign “beware of moose – crosses the road” (I don’t know how to write it better). Apparently legitimately. One girl told me how she has been driving a car, moose ran the same speed next to it and then it decided to run in front of her car.


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