Short remarks

Again, the Finnish …

Since the Finnish has averse to accept foreign words, they simply do not use international words. They have cute word for the phone, puhelin. It is literally a thing; you can speak into. Unbelievably cute word. Perhaps I start using it too, “mluvítko” (as a Czech equivalent).

I’m starting to slowly get used to the fact that the Finns pronounce really badly. English simply has too many terrible consonants. A letter “sh” (š) is really a disaster. It is true that people who talk a lot, they speak very well and it is easy to understand them. One schoolmate had learned “sh” already. So I came up with “ř” to him. His terrified “What ??!” said it all. But he learned to say “krk” (neck) well; if you are willing to accept something like “krik”.

I learned how to shock a little bit. About some 20 words is enough to be able occasionally catch the topic of discussion. Or even exactly know what they talking about; when it’s a conversation in three sentences and each of it has 2-3 words. I even suggested a translation from Finnish to English (once). Furthermore, they have been a little bit surprised when I said a sentence, “Minulla on koira ja kissa.” (I have a dog and a cat.). Apparently with very good pronunciation.

Amazing advantage and a disadvantage is that some people are reading the English words exactly as they are written. It simplifies my life, because I do not have to spell any words. Just say them the way they are written.


Winter? Where?

Fortunately, only autumn is coming. With the autumn is coming “ruska” too. I am not waiting for anything Russian. Ruska is the way how the leaves changes color to the yellow and brown. And given to the amount of birch trees all around … it will be worth it. Pity, I am in the south, in Lapland it’s apparently magical experience.

Super thing are heated seats in cars as well. When I remember how was the feeling having those in the first winter (with the new car), which we had heated seats too… When it’s freezing outside … oh, it’s perfect.

What else is useful in cold weather? Heated floor in the bathroom. Perhaps there are just pipes with the hot water, but even so. In winter, irreplaceable.

In winter, snow sometimes falls too. Unfortunately, only occasionally nowadays. Anyway, at almost every house is a great brush. Three brushes connected to the u-shape, so there is space for one shoe and if inserted it gives away all the snow or mud. And we always almost broke our spines, when we had a big broom for cleaning snow from the shoes.


Parking for horses

The old church (originally a pagan burial ground) have main wall (fence) with remains of parking for horses. Exactly on the spot where now cars are parked, there is the stone wall with attached metal rings for horses. It’s just in case you want to come on horseback (recreation with horses is quite popular here).


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